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The cult of Fire exists from the stage of its cause. He was given a tremendous sense, he was worshiped by almost all the peoples of Europe, Asia, America. Probably, it was not a simple cult, but also a zeal to get into the essence of the universe. Do not accidentally, in fact, that the Omnipotent Fire is timed to coincide with a large number of hymns in the ancient Indian Vedas. In the Avesta, in the sacred books of Zoroastrianism, the Lord of Fire was one of the key gods. He throws a spark, a particle of the Sacred Fire, into the temple of the Spirit, which has the ability to abide in any person, awakening him to active productivity.

Low Fire in nature and in man is located at various levels, desiring soil for itself. 1. Old wisdom teaches, in fact, that Fire is probably considered the rule and soil of the spirit, probably, in fact, that you need to evoke, reveal, grow into for yourself, in fact, that it has the capacity to change the inner spiritual nature of a person.

Fire contains a tremendous meaning for a person, because this particular Substance is the basic principle of any form of productivity, of any form of energy, in particular, Fire explains the possibility of life as a form of active existence.

The sacred energy, which is located inside every person, practically does not possess any fiery personification: a person who has received a revelation feels renewal, he changes greatly, as if passing through Fire, burning his old and receiving a new one. The type of Fire lies in the basis of all creations of any kind of productivity, be it creativity, reorganization, or change, selflessness, actively manifesting itself.

The fire is probably considered the grille engine. Probably all the influences that a person makes: intellectual, sensory, intellectual and physical.

Elemental balance

Prevailing Fire alienates an inexhaustible key of energy from a person. The owner of these qualities tests the long-term craving for performance, and only serious obstacles and long periods of failure are ready to take away his innate optimism for a while. The fiery man willingly shares his own thoughts, energy and enthusiasm with other people.

In people, the excess of the element of Fire finds a reflection at various levels. On the physical level, Fire repels increased metabolism of medications, predisposition to hot and spicy food, inflammatory diseases, high temperatures and sweating.

Advantages of the element of Fire: vigor, optimism, valor, vigor, vigor, clarity, vigor, ability to promptly take conclusions, self-confidence, assertiveness, sociability, complacency.

Qualities manifested when the components are unbalanced: anger, ardor, intransigence, excessive anger, predisposition to extremes, excessive purposefulness, inclination to passions, extreme attention to sex, excitement, tactlessness, irresponsibility, selfishness, narcissism, impetuosity, excitability, impatience of others, snobbery , intolerance, bondage from outside ideas, a predisposition to intercession, zeal for power, ambition, a predisposition to exaggeration, the ability to defend only fairly polar points of view.

The inaccessibility to fire is expressed in the inaccessibility of one's own thoughts and motives for action. As if there is not enough energy source, and as a consequence of this, one has to wait until the lover of the elements of Fire at least once throws up an idea, in no way illuminates the background of productivity - during this time it is permissible to grasp the ship.

How fire is:

(definitions provided in the nominative case)

volley dagger barrage collapse unquenchable flurry of a clear machine gun combined wastewater Bengal machine a flurry of mortars zenith sniper flank reckless demon enfilade gun disordered strong artillery gun impenetrable unhurried sensitive liquid hanging rudder control odd insatiable mortal wisdom smokeless bloody restless evil gods bloody twisting accented vengeful deadly azure burning grateful hellish run cannon merciless automatic unchanging unwholesome attentive high immaculate ruthless calculating hurl olympic evil insatiable masterful scarlet hot fiery fiery fiery exterminating scarlet secret insatiable insatiable